I'm emily Bartosiewicz  β˜» 

I'm just a brunette with a challenging surname who's 21 and struggling to be an adult. But that much you've probably figured out already...

Though I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, when I turned 19, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to pursue a career as a ballet dancer and have been there ever since. I have a fun time dancing my way through Tivoli Gardens, where I work, but in my off time I like to run around this little city, with my backpack, and explore. If it's raining, I'll find coffee shops where I can read my book and eat cookies. When I'm blessed with a few days off, I take this as an opportunity to jump on a plane, train, boat, horse, etc. Sometimes I also write things, craft, and dapple in the visual arts to keep my creative juices flowing. I'm also taking a course in architecture and design. And on Sundays, I face-mask.

But now, I would love to hear a bit about you! So, shoot me an email or contact me via Instagram!