Learning How To Live Without a Bath Tub

The way I see it, there are two types of people in this world.  There are those that enjoy to sink into a pool of hot water, in a dim, candle-lit bathroom, with bubbles to their nose.  Then there are those who opt for the more efficient and quick rinse - a thorough wash & scrub with a generous downpour of water.  One can analyze the two characters, dissect their personalities and make certain correlations, but with all that aside, it simply is a matter of preference.


I am very much a bath person.  When I lived in Canada, I had a Sunday night ritual of an evening bath.  It was my way of cleansing myself from the week passed and welcoming the new one ahead.  Being a ballet dancer, I heavily rely on the tub for soaking my legs in epsom salts or forcing my body through a teeth-gritting series of contrast baths.  There were even some nights where I would let the hot water run, progress 50 pages into a good book, and come out only when my toes would look like little raisins.


Now that I've moved to the Land of No-Tubs, I think I'm more likely to own a Birkin bag than a bath tub.  Yes, Denmark, where the porcelain jacuzzi is an endangered species.  It's been a difficult process for me, adjusting to this life without bubble baths, but upon the absence of them, I have learned how to make my showers a little more indulgent.  


Here are some luxury shower tips:


1.  Prepare the perfect playlist

Pick what you like.  This time is for you.  Nobody will judge you for singing ABBA in the shower.  But maybe look into getting some kind of a portable speaker.  The sound coming out from your phone will easily be washed out by the noise of your amazonian rainforest shower.  


2.  Masks galore

I will never not support masks.  Face masks, hair masks, body masks.  Be kind to yourself.  Repair the damage.  The world can be harsh.

3.  Find a swoon-worthy soap scent

Satisfy one of your senses and go for the smell that makes you close your eyes and say "ahhh".

4.  Brush your teeth in the shower (optional)

I'm unsure if this is just something I take pleasure in, but brushing my teeth in the shower makes me feel super productive and minty fresh.  I also always get toothpaste everywhere, so this is a fail-proof plan to stay clean.


5.  Scrub! Exfoliate!

Buy or DIY a good scrub.  Nobody likes dead skin but everybody likes soft skin.  Pretend it's like the sand on your favourite beach!  But please, for the sake of the ocean, avoid microbeads like the plague!


6.  Start with hot water. End with cold.

I once read somewhere that when washing your hair, you should rinse your hair out with cold water at the very end to close the ends to make sure they don't split.  I also know (from experience) that cold water is a very refreshing way to wake up in the mornings and is very good for your muscles.  Think Finnish spa.


7.  Moisturize

At the end of your shower, treat yourself to lotion.  You'll thank yourself later during that frosty commute.


8.  Big fluffy bathrobe

Because why not??