Seamless wall white paint stucco plaster texture.jpg

Little Story:

This, to your left, is a freshly painted white wall. You and I are turning into very colourful creatures that are called adults. It's exhilarating, but don't be scared - hold onto your colours and let’s approach this white canvas one step at a time. I'm still learning – wanna learn with me?

This adult thing can be really funny. Sometimes it feels like somebody just plopped me into a brand new place where I can’t understand the language and don’t know a single person. But I think the only way to move on from here is to make my best effort and adapt; try to speak the language and try to meet new people. 

In an essence, this place is about becoming somebody who you’re not. But wait! That sounds like a bad thing! I don’t mean it like that! You shouldn’t change who you are as a person! But we can’t stay kids forever ☹ We’re going to change into adults - we can’t do anything to stop that. But maybe together we can break out of our cocoons and find an easy way of becoming adults without losing who we are as a kid.