jul i tivoli

Not many people know that in my spare time in the months of November and December, I work part-time as a Christmas Elf.  I'm not the manufacturing kind, just the sort that checks up on all the Christmas markets around the world and reports back to the boss (Santa Claus, just to be clear).  I've seen some great ones in Europe and in Canada, but I must say, none of them can compare to the magic that is Jul I Tivoli.

Maybe there is a bias because I work in Tivoli and truly believe it's the happiest place in the world, but tonight, walking through the gardens, the holiday vibe was strong.  When the sun goes down, the park is illuminated with probably millions of lights.  The nisse come out to play and aromas of gløgg and æbleskiver fill the air.  There is something so traditionally pure about the Christmas magic in Tivoli, and very often I forget how mesmerizing this place can be after spending hours cooped up inside a studio or theatre.  But this was a nice reminder.  Take a look: