sunset collection

For as long as I can remember, there comes a point late in each day when the sun decides to snuggle under the blanket of the horizon. Now, I may be wrong but the sunset seems like something that's been around longer than I've been alive and certainly longer than my grandparents too. I guess it's been around forever. Which makes me think, maybe a sunset is just a really, really old tradition.

A sunset can also be breathtaking. Sometimes it's so bright that it's blinding, other times it's shrouded by clouds. Sometimes it comes in the late hours of a summer night, just in time to send you to sleep. Other times (those times referring to a Nordic winter) it comes way too early :( Sometimes, the sun is so kind that even after its gone, it leaves behind the gift of a beautiful pink, cotton candy sky. And sometimes, it's cranky and decides that it's ready for total darkness.

Nevertheless, a sunset is something that I cannot resist photographing. I've accumulated some photos of sunsets over the last few years, and here is my collection: