This is a short one but a good one. I’m not even in Toronto right now but this one is just as relevant because what better way to travel than to drown out surrounding plane engines and babies crying than the sweet sounds of a podcast!

This post goes out to one of my all-time fave podcasts: Capsule98! And get this, it’s Toronto-based! Run by the one and only Randi Bergman, who is my personal Toronto celebrity and fashion guru. Also, seeing as she’s a writer and a woman with a sense of humour (success, people), she’s also a personal role model.

This podcast is quite possibly THE podcast that got me into podcasts (we all have one right?). Not only is it fundamentally hilarious, but the premise behind it is freaking rad. Basically, Randi, the show’s host, rediscovered a time capsule she put away in the year 1998. The podcast unravels what exactly was found in this time capsule of 90’s goodness while featuring other notable Canadians of equal hilarity.

Now my secret is that I’m basically a 90’s wannabe (but don’t let it leave this page, ok?). I was born in 1995, meaning I was really only getting out of my diapers while the world experienced quite possibly one of the greatest decades thus far. However, I did have older sisters that were teenagers and they were the COOLEST. So, I owe a lot of my acquired 90’s knowledge to them.

I also am indebted to them as the sources of my Beverly Hills 90210 obsession. I could (and yes I probably will) write an entire blog post dedicated to this show, but without saying too much, I will only say it is the single best teen drama to ever exist and would even go so far as saying it is the Holy Bible of teen shows.

Also, the fashion.

So, I’ve linked to the episode in which Capsule98 features guests Lizzie and Kat from my other favourite podcast, 90210 The Blaze. This episode focuses on the iconic series of the 90’s, but if you’re into all things 90’s, check out some of the other episodes in which Titanic, Backstreet Boys, and Clueless are intellectually discussed. Available on Soundcloud and Itunes, I hope you binge-listen these just as pleasantly as I did.