italian food

After two months in Italy, I predicted that I would need a long break from pizza and pasta. While staying in Cortona, there would be days where I’d have little appetite for the habitual routine of pasta for lunch then pizza for dinner, with an occasional caprese salad thrown into the mix. But this revulsion only lasted a few hours until I would start craving a cacio e pepe again. It’s funny how Italian food works that way. So simple, so delicious, and so pure. It’s hard to get sick of it entirely.

So I’ve made a compilation of all the food I ate while in Italy. Granted, I’m not a very outrageous eater. I’m pescatarian and I’m also ridiculously picky, so I didn’t try anything like the local pigeon or wild boar pasta dishes of Cortona. Nevertheless, I can guarantee the food I ate was still divine.